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Fiction, 2013

After a night out partying ends with an accident, everything changes for soon to be high-school graduate Anja. Her body feels strange and her psyche is shaken to the core. Her family and friends recognize these changes to her personality and react with irritation. As Anjas memories start to resurface slowly, a painful search begins for her from which she cannot escape…
Project Details
Script & Directors: Bernhard Landen & Judith Angerbauer
D.o.P.: Torsten Lippstock
Sound: Marc Meusinger
Art Director: Bertram Strauss
Costume: Susa Sasserath
Editor: Florian Miosge
Music: Annette Weller & Boris Meinhold

Cast: Roxane Duran, Lisa Reuter, Christine Kättner, Piet Fuchs and Conrad Risch

With support from WDR, MDR, Film- und Medienstiftung NRW and Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung.
 Max-Ophüls-Festival Saarbrücken 2013