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The German word “Heimat” means “home” in an emotional, almost mythical way – Heimatfilm is a „home to films”.

In May 2003, Cologne producer Bettina Brokemper and Munich-based commercial production company Embassy of Dreams join forces to form Heimatfilm, a production company for film and TV in Cologne, Germany. Managing shareholder Bettina Brokemper had previously established the Cologne branch of Hamburg’s Neue Impuls Film; she has also been heading Zentropa’s German offspring Pain Unlimited, now Zentropa Köln GmbH. Helmut Hartl is the second shareholder. In addition to these resources, Heimatfilm relies on an international network of talents and partners, and a strong film infrastructure in the Cologne region. Heimatfilm develops and produces its own film and television projects for German, European and international audiences. Beyond this, Heimatfilm engages in international co-productions, especially European cinema, and organizes service productions in Germany for international companies.
Some call their film project „Baby”, others speak of it like it’s a military campaign. Many talk about material or packages, as if they were a shipping company. We regard our film projects as friends who live with us. Life’s not been easy on our flatmates (troubled childhood, political persecution, lovesickness…). Sometimes they might have to put their feet on the table, eat the cookies in bed or shed tears into the wine glass. Sometimes they’re overdue with the rent or with the dishes. But they make us laugh and cry, entertain our guests and bring in flowers they’ve picked. They’ll clear out the crumbs. And we’ll be a little bit sad when they move out to conquer the theatres.