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Leocadie Uyisenga

Apprenticeship for audiovisual media

As a young teenager, there were three things that captured my attention very strongly: Books and their contents, the images on a television screen and the voices of people talking on the radio. I remember talking out loud to myself one day saying this: I want to be a well-known writer, I want to be part of the team that puts these people and everything else on television, and I want to work in radio. I had no idea how any of that was going to happen, but I remember being very convinced when I said it.... In 2013 I published my first book "Amarte después de haber amado". In 2017 I produced my first short film "Cicatrices disfrazadas del olvido" and since 2022 I have a radio show "Poetry of the World" on Radio Rakete in Sojus7 Monheim am Rhein. At the moment I'm working on a documentary film that is due to be released in 2023, and at the same time I'm doing my apprenticeship as a trainee for audiovisual media business at Heimatfilm. The more I got to know the world of audiovisual media, the more I became convinced that I would become a director one day. I see my apprenticeship at Heimatfilm as one of the first steps towards that goal.