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Maike Drinhausen

Junior Producer

I actually grew up only 12 tram minutes away from HEIMATFILM (with line 4 from Schlebusch) - but until I ended up here, I took a few detours. I studied cultural sciences in Maastricht, did a Master's degree in Digital Documentary in Brighton, and then, back in Cologne, first learned how filmmaking works by making a lot of small/short thinks, for example short films by (ex-)students of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne. In any case, there was a need for people who aren't afraid of Excel spreadsheets, and I realised that I enjoy organising, that puzzling callsheets can be a passion (other people solve crossword puzzles!), and that "bringing people together to work on a vision and support each other in it, and in the end we have a film!" is my favourite version of "work".

At some point, the big/long (ie: feature film) became more and more intriguing, and when I had the pleasure of working in a production department that consisted of more than 2-3 people for the first time, at Heimatfilm, I was excited - about working in a team and about the production company. After that, I still worked here and there as a freelancer in different production departments-with-more-than-2-3-people, and ended up here, in the main house, after the exciting DAUGHTERS-road trip in 2020. As a Jr. Producer. Now a world opens up to me before shooting schedules and after wrap partys, where there is more to write than callsheets, and where completely different creative possibilities open up! For example, to create children's films, and thus somehow to take part in creating the future. Incredibly exciting!

If I had Instagram, I would follow the QUEEN OF NIENDORF, TESS (from the EXTRAORDINARY SUMMER), the SON OF RAMBOW and the HEN IN A BOAT. And the Queer Media Society and the New German Media Makers. And share photos of vegan cakes and vintage vehicles.