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BACHMANN & FRISCH Shooting in North Rhine-Westfalia
03. May 2022
Yesterday was the last day of shooting for BACHMANN & FRISCH in Hürth. Our 4-country co-production (Heimatfilm Cologne; tellfilm Zurich; Amour Fou Vienna & Luxembourg) started its 41-day filming trip on March 28 in Jordan before moving on to NRW. This will be followed by filming in Austria, ...
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Bettina Brokemper - Honoured by Homage at the International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg
12. November 2021
We have known for a long time that she deserved it. After all, we see every day what hurdles and tasks our boss has to overcome to make a film work. Between the small and big battles with the creatives, the work of convincing co-producers, broadcasters, distributors, financiers, etc., she also has t ...
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THE DEVIL'S BATH - Shooting starts in Litschau
27. October 2021
Today it finally starts. After countless delays and postponements due to the pandemic, the main shoot for DES TEUFELS BAD started today in Litschau, in Austria's Waldviertel. We will be shooting our co-production with Vienna-based Seidl Filmproduktion here until the end of December, before heading t ...
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DAUGHTERS premiere at Filmfest Hamburg
05. October 2021
Yesterday, the time had finally come and DAUGHTERS celebrated its premiere at the Filmfest Hamburg. After 41 shooting days in four attempts, spread over the whole of 2020, to get our road movie in the can without any Corona incidents, it was an exhilarating evening, accompanied by friends, colleague ...
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